CHUM in the water with Kimble Bosworth

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Here’s what Kimble Bosworth does for her clients. When your brand is too busy to be chasing around dozens of suppliers for all your graphic communication needs. (At the very least, the members of your marketing department and procurement teams are too busy.) Well, stop chasing. Get your brand a marketing resource that saves you time and money. On Promos, Powered by Proforma’s clients realize the benefits of using “One Source with Infinite Resources” for their […]

He’s A Coach Both On The Soccer Field And In The Business World w/ Tyler Murray

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Tyler Murray moved to Nashville from Texas to become the Director of Community Relations of Profile by Sanford.  Profile is a comprehensive wellness program developed by physicians and researchers with Sanford Health, who represents the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider located in Sioux Falls, SD. Our phenomenal results have helped people succeed not only in weight loss, but also to sustain their wellness goals by developing healthy habits with our coaching, technology, and meal replacements. Tyler […]

What Do Growability and Watermelons have in common?

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Joshua MacLeod joins us to chat about leadership and service.  He is the founder and president of Growability Consultation. The mission of Growability® is to empower leaders to grow organizations that make a significant impact in our world. Watch for information to come about the CS-MBA coming in 2020.  C|SUITE ACADEMY your CS-MBA in 2020 Peer-to-Peer Business Owners Our mission is to serve and equip leaders with coaching and consultation designed to maximize growth, build […]

Could FAST goals be smarter than SMART goals?

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My first week of my sales career I fully understood my goals. They were not hopes or dreams, but rather hard numbers, activity and expectations. Through the years the goals have gotten larger and more complicated. I had sales goals then and I still have sales goals today. Before we go too far, I do have a few questions: Do you make a list at the beginning of the year and call them your annual […]

Networking Minute – How to Design a One-Pager

Posted Posted in business, C-SUITE, networking, YouTube In this Networking Minute video we chat about preparing your professional one-pager. Here are a few tips that may help: Contact information: name email phone company name logo Three Answers: What do you do? Whom do you serve? Why is it important? List three examples of current clients. List three people you want to meet. This list is based on your meeting contact. Review the LinkedIn connections of your guest and find good example […]

Takisha Bromell Owner at Girlfriday Business Solutions

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I HATE PAPERWORK! If you agree with me and I’m not sure why you would not, then I’m pleased to introduce you to Takisha Bromell the owner of Girlfirday Business Solutions. Meet our Guest Each of us is most successful when we focus on our strengths. At Girlfriday Business Solutions, we specialize in taking care of those things you don’t have time to do, and may not be your strengths. But they are our strengths. […]

Happy Thanksgiving with Bill Selph

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Get to know one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Meet our Guest I am a Nashville native who is lucky enough to work for Marshall & Bruce Printing Company. Blister cards and other specialty packaging printing are our strength. Our UV offset presses print on plastic, heavy board and other substrates. How may I help you? Who can I introduce you to? Where have you traveled lately? connect with Bill The Lonely Entrepreneur […]

Nashville K9 Founder Ali Hemyari, not your everyday dog trainer – Podcast

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You may think you know something about dogs until you hear this. He truly is a  “Solutionist!” Training is a Journey, Not A Destination Our team of dog training experts is here to take you to the next level. If you are facing dog behavior issues or just need a more compliant dog, our elite team of trainers is your solution. As the largest Nashville dog training company, our team has more combined experience than […]

Connecting Veterans to Opportunities with Michael McCoy

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Just in time for Veterans Day we chat with Michael McCoy. Army Veteran and Manager, Marketing and Client Acquisition for operation Stand Down Tennessee. Meet our Guest – Michael McCoy A strategic leader for programs in talent acquisition marketing, and brand management. Seeking a new opportunity to build a brand. I am interested in opportunities that allow me to build upon my leadership skills, grow the value in a business and cultivate community. The experiences […]

What is Disruptive Networking

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Disruptive networking is much more than passing out business cards or attending events.  It is when professionals development from an everyday Networker, into a being a true Connector. As a professional grows they understand that networking is a  process and that process will be a well defined plan of action. For example, while attending an event they often  will do these three things Before every event, they will research the venue, attendees, and purpose of […]