Aunt Lou is Dying

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Three years ago, I stopped by to see my then 89-year-old Mom. I didn’t even get in the door before she started in on me. “I sure wish that I could see my baby sister one more time,” she said. Two things, first her baby sister was 87 and second, Mom has played me before. With that in mind, I called my cousin who my Aunt was visiting. When my cuisine answered the phone and […]

Three Rules to Maximizing Your Gift

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The gift that you have been given needs three things from you to be maximized. First, you must feel good about yourself. How can you feel good about others and treat them the way you should if you don’t feel good about yourself? Most people just fake their way through. Click here to read about the 30-Day Happiness Challenge. Second, you need to understand that you are not alone. There is something greater than you […]