Three Rules to Maximizing Your Gift

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The gift that you have been given needs three things from you to be maximized. First, you must feel good about yourself. How can you feel good about others and treat them the way you should if you don’t feel good about yourself? Most people just fake their way through. Click here to read about the 30-Day Happiness Challenge. Second, you need to understand that you are not alone. There is something greater than you […]

Lincoln’s Leadership Concepts for Today’s Leader

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Many historians call Abraham Lincoln one of our greatest leaders. I have always been impressed by his core leadership concepts. Here are the top four in my book: Get Out of the Office and Circulate Among the Troops Persuade Rather than Coerce Lead by Being Led Keep Searching Until You Find your Grant What do those four bullets mean for today’s business leader? Let’s take them one at a time: Get Out of the Office […]

What is the evolution of a Connector?

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What is the evolution of a Connector? Before you become a Connector, it is important to understand the evolution of a Connector. Most people believe that business networking is showing up at some event with a stack of business cards. These are the folks sitting at a table passing their cards around without ever knowing your name. They make zero connection with you or your needs. It’s all about getting their name out to as many people […]