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This month we will hear from our friend Alex Dampf  owner of Oakmont Benefits Group.

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Most employers have lived the same story for over a decade now. Costs of benefits go up and the quality of the benefits go down. The results have been inflating healthcare costs, unhappy employees and an unsustainable model that's squeezing business owners. Savvy employers have begun to look for creative solutions outside of the typical healthcare packages offered. They've found they can reject the status quo and opt into new models that provide better care while reducing costs. My mission is to gather Nashville's CEOs, CFOs, CHROs and have open discussions around what's working in healthcare as well as creating a safe haven to share insights around how their colleagues are introducing new and better approaches. I do this through events I hold throughout Nashville, connections I make and consultations I make around new approaches to healthcare.

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Tip for our eBook: "Wear a name tag and place it "high and right." A name tag is great for many—if not most—networking events. You can always take it off after arriving if you discover that you do not need to wear one. Your name tag is not a boutonniere, and you are not attending a prom. The name tag should be worn on the right-side lapel of your suit coat or an equivalent area. The reason for this location is so that people can see your name at the same time they shake your hand.what"