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John H. Thalheimer Your Manager’s Guide to Excellence @ the intersection of performance, accountability and inspiration With over twenty-five years of experience working with supervisors, managers, and leaders to improve their performance, John Thalheimer understands the dangers of poor management, and the impact it has on organizations. His core belief is that every organization and every employee deserves great leadership. He works tirelessly to help supervisors and managers be the best leaders they can be […]

What Do Growability and Watermelons have in common?

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Joshua MacLeod joins us to chat about leadership and service.  He is the founder and president of Growability Consultation. The mission of Growability® is to empower leaders to grow organizations that make a significant impact in our world. Watch for information to come about the CS-MBA coming in 2020.  C|SUITE ACADEMY your CS-MBA in 2020 Peer-to-Peer Business Owners Our mission is to serve and equip leaders with coaching and consultation designed to maximize growth, build […]

Could FAST goals be smarter than SMART goals?

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My first week of my sales career I fully understood my goals. They were not hopes or dreams, but rather hard numbers, activity and expectations. Through the years the goals have gotten larger and more complicated. I had sales goals then and I still have sales goals today. Before we go too far, I do have a few questions: Do you make a list at the beginning of the year and call them your annual […]

Newsletter August 2019

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Table of Contents A:  UnStuck Business Conference B:  Podcast C:  Workshop D:  Events E:  Resources Purchase Book Here Purchase Book Here Meet Our Conference Speakers UnStuck Business Conference 2019 Have you found that your hard work and common sense have taken you as far as you can go? Is it time to seek that outside knowledge you need to take you to the next level? Join us for our 3rd annual UnStuck Conference on October […]

Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja

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What is LinkedIn? It is an amazing online tool for professionals to network with clients, vendors, and partners. Who should be on LinkedIn? If you currently have a job, plan to get a job or once had a job, then you should be on LinkedIn. When should I start? Now! If you wait until you feel like you need to be on LinkedIn, then you have waited too long. Why should I be on LinkedIn? […]

The Beginners Guide To Generating Inbound Leads

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Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. In other words, someone that will raise their hand. Some examples of lead generators are job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content. Whenever someone outside the tech world asks me what I do, I can’t simply say, “I combine hardware, software, and support to help my clients be […]

Five Networking Tips

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Friday I was chatting with a business owner over a cup of coffee… Yes, I know that that is not a big surprise. During the coffee, he asked about best practices when attending a networking event. Also, not a surprise. Here are a few random tips: While at the venue: Once you have arrived, walk in with a purpose and get to work. Arrive a little early and scout out the area, the best practice […]

4 Things I Wish ALL Borrowers Knew

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Last week I had a business coffee with Jonathan Williams, Vice President at First Citizens National Bank (LinkedIn Profile) in Brentwood. During our meeting, I told him that most people don’t speak “banker,” and that it could be very scary.  He told me there were four things that borrowers could do to make the process easier: First, have your financials organized and ready to give me.  The typical list I need to collect from each […]

Elevator Pitch vs Personal Branding

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I asked our friend John Boyens to share with us the difference between your elevator pitch and your personal brand.  As usual, John was spot on: According to Wikipedia; Personal Branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization. Personal Branding often involves the application of one’s name to various products. The relationship between brands and the customer’s needs to be constantly made and […]