Clarity by Design with Peter Cronin

Check out our latest podcast: Clarity By Design with Peter Cronin. Peter may be one of the coolest cats in Nashville.

Meet Peter Cronin

Rhode Island native Peter Cronin spent the first decade of his career fronting and touring with several almost-famous bands. In the late ’80s, he moved to New York City to accept an editorial position at Musician magazine, part of the Billboard family of publications. In 1993, Billboard moved Cronin and his young family to Nashville where he spent two years as Billboard‘s Associate Country Music Editor. He began the next chapter of his career in 1995 when pop superstar Madonna hired him to establish the Nashville office of her music publishing company, Maverick Music. His publishing career continued with stints at Bug Music Publishing and at performing rights organization SESAC. After spending a year as Editor of Close Up, the official publication of the Country Music Association, Cronin joined his wife Karen in establishing Cronin Creative. Clients count on Peter’s proven ability to understand and clearly communicate both the substance and the subtleties of their business. A current member and volunteer at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and former board member for the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association (NAMA), he also hits the stage for the occasional weekend gig performing one hit wonders with his acclaimed band, The One Hitters.

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