Networking Boot-Camp

Networking Boot-Camp

Networking Boot-Camp

Have you been to a conference or networking event and felt unprepared?
You did not meet anyone new, you did not hold a relevant conversation with anyone nor did you earn a follow-up meeting.

During the Networking Boot-Camp you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for an event

  • How to handle an event 

  • How to follow-up after an networking event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Never wait until you need a professional network before you build one. You should always be building your network. The Boot-Camp is designed to help you focus on building that network and leverage technology to achieve to achieve your goals faster.

  1. You will learn best practices for a one-pager.
  2. How to prepare for different networking events
  3. How to work different events.
    1. Breakfast events
    2. Appetizer events
    3. Dinner events
    4. Large conferences
    5. Small gatherings
  4. How to follow-up after an networking event.
  • There will be one three hour session covering the listed topics.
  • A networking event assignment to practice what you have learned.
  • A follow-up 15 minute call with each member of the group to get feedback from their field-trip.

The cost of the boot-camp is $250.00.

WHAT I DO:  I help professionals compete in a very competitive market place.

HOW I DO IT:   I work with professionals to provide business solutions leveraging technology and  Business networking skills.

WHY IT MATTERS:  Professionals work grow their business using hard work and common since. I bring them uncommon wisdom to go with their hard work. 

OUTSIDE OF WORK:   I spend my time investing in my community, my church, and my family!

NEXT STEP:  Connect with me here and then let’s go grab a cup of coffee.

Networking Boot-Camp