Thom Coats

Thom Coats serves as the President of C|SUITE Networking of Middle Tennessee and Headmaster of the UnStuck Business Academy. He spends time coaching salespeople, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Successful Sales Leader
Experienced Small Business Coach & Sales Trainer
Professional Speaker & Author
B.B.A. from Mississippi State University
MBA from Western Governors University
Founder of the UnStuck Business Academy

Thom is a business developer whose entrepreneurial instincts and clear vision have assisted in the growth of multiple companies.
Thom stands at the forefront of the solutions based technology industry. With 25 plus years of New Business Development serving roles from sales, district manager to Vice President of Sales with corporations such as Century II, Paychex, and NFIB. He is responsible for building new business relationships for mid to large organizations to help them leverage technology in improving their business processes. Thom’s passion is to help his client succeed by implementing solutions that work.

He has spoken at national sales training events and small lunch-and-learn events.

With an array of interests and affiliations, Thom stays connected to the community through investing time and energy on the Advisory Board for Read to Succeed, Board of Directors of the Tennessee Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and active in the Walter Hill church of Christ.

As a third-generation entrepreneur, Thom has great insight in understanding what clients want and need. He and his wife have three sons and daughters-in-law. To keep him grounded in remembering who he is, on Thom’s desk is the same Bible that set in his father’s office and his grandfather’s before that.

WHAT I DO: I help businesses compete in a very competitive market.

HOW I DO IT: I work with law firms, bringing in LOGICFORCE to provide business solutions using best in class technology including IT optimization, eDiscovery, document review, cybersecurity and digital forensics. Since 1995, we’ve worked with hundreds of law firms across the country to ensure improved security and productivity within their legal business.

WHY IT MATTERS: Law firms never miss a chance to worry. They worry about making money, they worry about saving money, they worry about being more efficient, and they worry about litigation. With the systems and services of LOGICFORCE, I help business owners alleviate all of these worries, so they can focus on growing their business. On average increasing billables 5 – 8% in year one.

WHY YOU SHOULD CALL ME: I have 20 plus years of providing a variety of solutions to the business community. LOGICFORCE is on a mission to help firms choose, implement, and configure the right technology solutions to solve today’s business challenges: sales & marketing, customer service, accounting, and communication & collaboration.

What do people say:  

Thom is that rare individual who puts people together in substantive ways. He delivers on the promise of business networking with a purpose. Thom, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do! Jay Hennessy

Looking for someone that can solve your problems and introduce you to anyone in town? Thom is your man! Thankful for everything you do in our business community Thom! Brian Cournoyer

Speaking as someone that networks constantly I don’t know that I have ever met someone as connected as Thom. His drive to connect people and improve their business is impressive and his sincerity and candor in mentoring others to become better at building relationships is admirable. I’m blessed to call him a friend and part of my circle of influence. Jonathan Williams

OUTSIDE OF WORK: I spend my time investing in my community, my church, and my family!


Connect with me here on LinkedIn! And then let’s go grab a cup of coffee. tcoats@logicforce.com / 615-542-1897 or tacoats@thomcoats.com


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