What is the evolution of a Connector?

What is the evolution of a Connector?

Before you become a Connector, it is important to understand the evolution of a Connector.

Most people believe that business networking is showing up at some event with a stack of business cards. These are the folks sitting at a table passing their cards around without ever knowing your name.

They make zero connection with you or your needs. It’s all about getting their name out to as many people they can.

I label this person a schmoozer.

If you want a visual of this activity, watch the YouTube video, Kids in the Hall – “Businessmen Networking.” Unfortunately, this is a very common misunderstanding of the sales profession.

Don’t become a schmoozer.

Research, Plan, and Execute

What makes a Networker is a whole study in itself.

A professional that understands the purpose of networking will do three things. Before every event, they will research the venue, attendees, and purpose of the event. A professional will have a plan and then execute that plan: when to arrive, who to speak to, where to stand, what to wear, etc. Next, they will execute, execute, and execute.

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How does a Networker evolve into a Connector?

You must be a Networker in order to become Connector, while Networking is having a plan and following the plan of action; a Connector follows a set of rules:

  • Listen more than you speak
  • Help others succeed
  • To have influence, you must be present
  • Laughing is better than crying.

Connecting is understanding the why behind the plan. I’ll explain these rules or traits in a future post. You can sum the traits of a Connector with the following statement.

Connectors understand that by helping others achieve success, they never have to worry about their own success.

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Good luck,

Thom Coats