Five Free Online Tools for the busy Professional

HubSpot CRM

Forever free is a great beginning. Customer Relationship Management is a platform that helps you to track the flow of information with all contacts and companies. With a CRM you know what is happening and when with each deal or service issue. It keeps you from missing that key event, that next email or next step in the process. Besides being free, what makes HubSpot great? My favorite when using the mobile app, you can scan in a business card it new contact within HubSpot. Second, while setting up an account on the computer, you can enter the domain name and HubSpot pulls information off the company’s website. My third favorite thing is how many different things integrate with it.


Free up to 2,000 contacts. MailChimp is an email marketing service that allows you to send large group emails that feel personal, allows you to build a relationship with your group, and reach an already engaged audience. You can track opens, clicks and other data. Plus it integrates with HubSpot CRM.



It is hard to list everything that Google provides, but here is a quick list of the top services. Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Search, Contacts, YouTube and Keep. The first five are common items, but you may wonder why YouTube. YouTube is primarily a search engine that you can build background information about contact and companies. Keep is a wonderful service that allows you to “keep” information that is integrated with your email.



Tracks your time, mileage and receipts in one platform. It produces reports for clients and management. Set-up direct reimbursement. This service starts as a free platform and then has a few premium add-ons.



This free tool allows professionals to network with clients, vendors, and partners. Building a professional network that can help you find that next deal, the next job or the next opportunity. Two new users join LinkedIn every second, making it one of the fastest growing social media networks. We are launching an online training class on how to set up your LinkedIn profile to be taught by Jim Bob Howard. Our goal is to help you become a LinkedIn Ninja!

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