Five Networking Tips

Friday I was chatting with a business owner over a cup of coffee… Yes, I know that that is not a big surprise. During the coffee, he asked about best practices when attending a networking event. Also, not a surprise.

Here are a few random tips:

  • While at the venue:
    • Once you have arrived, walk in with a purpose and get to work.
    • Arrive a little early and scout out the area, the best practice is to work the area between the door and the food/drinks.
    • Don’t always speak with the same people. Remember who your partners are touch base with them, then go meet new people. Set a goal of the number of new people that you need to meet and stay until you hit your goal.

  • While chatting with others:
    • Introduce people to the conversation. It builds excitement and helps others that may be a little shay.
    • While you are speaking with someone do not look around the room. It appears like you are trying to upgrade.
    • If you need to move on, just place your hand on the person’s elbow and say excuse me and move on.
    • You are there to network not sell.

  • Don’t be afraid of cameras, they are free marketing for your personal brand.

  • Elevator pitch:
    • If the event is one that you must stand up and give your elevator pitch, then make sure that you set on the side or front of the group. You don’t want to have to spin like a top as you give your pitch.
    • Avoid setting in front of windows, they will backlight you and distract from your pitch.
  • Invite people to join you at events, it places you at the center of influence.


P.S. There are so many tips on networking and these are just a few. Please share your best tip and we can try to help each other. In the meantime, check out our ebook on How To Attend A Networking Event.

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