From California To Nashville the Go Giver – Lisa Peters

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This month we will hear Hear the story of growing up on a cattle ranch in California to owning an insurance company in Franklin Insurance LLC outside of Nashville,  with Lisa Peters. As always thank you to our sponsor InSight Insurance Services and producer i65music

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Lisa has been successfully growing business relationships for continued referring partners within the mortgage and real estate industry and is gifted with networking. Building, Developing & Maintaining relationships is very important and getting to know others and their needs is what Lisa is passionate about. She is actively involved in the community in Networking groups in Williamson & surrounding Counties of Nashville area and connecting with Corporate Individuals. Lisa is the founder of WN NETWORKING NASHVILLE. Franklin Insurance, LLC is committed to advising and educating their clients on all of their insurance needs. The goal for Franklin Insurance, LLC is to develop and maintain their referring partners and client base for generations.

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Tip for our eBook: "Wear a name tag and place it "high and right." A name tag is great for many—if not most—networking events. You can always take it off after arriving if you discover that you do not need to wear one. Your name tag is not a boutonniere, and you are not attending a prom. The name tag should be worn on the right-side lapel of your suit coat or an equivalent area. The reason for this location is so that people can see your name at the same time they shake your hand.what"