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Unstuck business conference

What is the UnStuck business conference?

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Each year we choose speakers that we know that will help our attendees improve their careers and business. Here’s a list of a few of our past speakers:

John Boyens  /  Kayla Barrett Curry /  Juliana Stachurski / Kris Kelso / John Thalheimer

Usually we hold the conference in October. Please watch for announcements as the date comes closer.

So far the conference has always been held in the Middle Tennessee market.

Yes there is a modest cost and that depends on how well we do on obtaining sponsors. 

There is a link on the bottom of this or you can email us at 


Please email us at tacoats@csuitebiz.com. Include the link to your website and a video of you speaking in front of a group.

Email us at tacoats@csuitebiz.com and include a link to your company site and what your interest is in the event.


We have tried in the past and have a few sessions recorded.




UnStuck business conference

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