How To With Dave and Thom – Business Coffee Meeting

Here are a few tips from other C-SUITE members on how they prepare for a coffee meeting, what are their goals during the meeting and how do they follow up:

1. My prep involves researching their website, any social media platforms and reviewing their LinkedIn profile.

2. My goal is to commit to developing at least one introduction from my network to him/her and to ask for one introduction from his/her network.

3. My follow up (for point #2 above) is usually between 1 or 2 weeks after the small group. I’ll usually email first then follow up with a call if I don’t hear back. George Zubulake

1. I visit the person’s LinkedIn profile and website to learn more about who they are and their company

2.Learn more about how I can help them and who a good client may be.

3. CRM software reminders where appropriate and continue the conversation as needed Dave Toeben

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