John Thalheimer

We are very proud to announce that John Thalheimer is speaking at this year’s UnStuck Business Conference. This is his first year to speak at the conference, but he is not new to public speaking and training. 

What Can I Do to Get Better Results?

This is the Ultimate Power Question. As leaders, it is our responsibility to achieve the best results for our organizations whether that is a small business, a non-profit organization, corporate entity, professional office, family-owned business or as a solo-entrepreneur. At times we struggle to realize our goals and objectives. We struggle to keep ourselves and our organizations on track. We struggle to balance work and life.

When we finally ask, “What Can I Do to Get Better Results?” we begin a journey of self-discovery and learning that ultimately leads to success.

As a leadership guide, I help leaders and their senior teams achieve their desired results by using thought-provoking questions, educational resources, and long-term accountability.


For the Leader: (
۔ Business Coaching – providing the necessary guidance for you to achieve success.
۔ Mastermind Groups – peer advisor groups – helping each other succeed
۔ Leadership Assessment and Quality Review – Defining next actions for leaders
۔ Leadership Career Development
۔ Keynote speaking on leadership

For the Organization: (
۔ True Star™ Leadership Team Effectiveness Program
۔ Leadership Strategy Audit and Succession Planning
۔ Leadership Team Assessments
۔ Leadership Training
۔ Organizational Mastermind Groups
۔ Leadership Candidate Reviews & Hiring Assistance

۔ Leadership
۔ Coaching for Better Performance
۔ Change Management
۔ Social & Emotional Intelligence
۔ Strategic Decision Making
۔ Stakeholder Centered Coaching
۔ Improvisation – combing change management and innovation
۔ Leadership Development & Training
۔ Team Development
۔ Innovation

Are you ready to achieve better results in work and life?

John Thalheimer helps leaders navigate work. Found of True Star Leadership.