Juliana Stachurski

We are very proud to announce that Juliana Stachurski,  the founder of Ellis Pond is speaking at this year’s UnStuck Business Conference. This is her third year to speak at the conference. 

At 16 I fell in love with opera which opened my eyes to a world of fantasy, history, social commentary and the arts, fully produced to be enjoyed all at once.

One year later Seattle Opera hired me to give preview lectures to their donors, and I learned I could get paid sharing something I loved with a group of people that cared about what I was saying.

Thus began my first marketing gig. Monetizing storytelling became a kingpin to my fun money throughout the later years of high school and my undergraduate career.

Fast forward to today and I find myself again in the business of storytelling.

With Pilgrim Consulting, Inc., I used content marketing to take high-value, high-visibility domains from acquisition through production, driving six-figure per month revenue within 90 days of deployment.

With I led the programs department, creating digital programs and boosting revenue by over 2000%. As a member of the leadership team, I helped navigate hyper-growth that scaled the company from 6 to 50+ employees in 14 months.

The Pacific Northwest is always home in my heart, but these days I spend my time around Nashville at Ellis Pond helping businesses tell their story, establish authority, and attract the best customers.

If you want to learn how your story can drive revenue growth, I’d love to connect!
LinkedIn: Juliana Stachurski
Phone: 615.236.6549

Juliana Stachurski

Bestselling Author | Speaker | Coach | Consultant | I guide businesses to new revenue via strategic marketing systems