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Serving the C|SUITE

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Have you been to networking events that did not deliver? C|SUITE is an invitation-only networking group that is designed for that business owner or high-level individual that needs to keep involved, but does not have time to waste.  We currently have six locations in Nashville and Memphis Tennessee. Let us know how we can best serve you.

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We are a invitation only group, but we are always looking for new people to add to our group. 

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Notable Networking – Getting Started

GETTING STARTED Before you attend your next (or first) business-networking event, there is some prep work that must be done. Like a sales call or an important business meeting, do not just show up without any planning. Hope is not a plan… Have a goal to meet new people, to increase your professional network and personal brand — not to sell. There are things that you can do to help yourself get ready and maximize

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Marc Wolfe

stories from the c|sUITE Veni Vidi Vici Marc Wolfe President | Executive Coach | Business Strategy Execution Marc Wolfe, ACC Meet Marc Wolfe:  Are you in the service-focused industry? (Healthcare, Marketing, Financial, Nonprofit) and want to increase your business growth, employee engagement, and overall profit? Do you want your team to be in sync with your vision and your clients to be your biggest advocates? As a Strategic Business Consultant, Certified Executive Coach and professional

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Brooks Christol

Stories from the C|SUITE – podcast Get to know Brooks Christol I could tell you about me, or I could have the great Advertising and PR minds I work with tell you about me. Brooks’ s enthusiasm for marketing is matched only by his enthusiasm for, well, everything. With more than a decade of practical experience, Christol has both served and lead brands within a broad range of industries, including public and private sector endeavors

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John H. Thalheimer Your Manager’s Guide to Excellence @ the intersection of performance, accountability and inspiration With over twenty-five years of experience working with supervisors, managers, and leaders to improve their performance, John Thalheimer understands the dangers of poor management, and the impact it has on organizations. His core belief is that every organization and every employee deserves great leadership. He works tirelessly to help supervisors and managers be the best leaders they can be

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Clarity by Design with Peter Cronin

Check out our latest podcast: Clarity By Design with Peter Cronin. Peter may be one of the coolest cats in Nashville. Meet Peter Cronin Rhode Island native Peter Cronin spent the first decade of his career fronting and touring with several almost-famous bands. In the late ’80s, he moved to New York City to accept an editorial position at Musician magazine, part of the Billboard family of publications. In 1993, Billboard moved Cronin and his

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