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The Health Insurance Monster

The way health insurance works, unfortunately, is you end up paying a massive amount of money to this big insurance company and every year they raise the rates. 11% here and another 15% there and the health insurance monster is born. The terrifying part is that we have no control; the monster keeps growing and eating more of our profits each year.

The health insurance monster gives you nothing in return -no claims information, and certainly no reward if your employees are healthy & have fewer claims.   Your employees are subsidizing everyone the insurance company insures!  The health insurance monster is your worst “employee expense” – time to fire it!

Meet Dave

We help business owners keep more of their healthcare dollars instead of giving it to the insurance company.

UnStuck Business Conference 2019

Join us for our 3rd annual conference and take your business to the next level.

WHAT WE DO: We’re the secret weapon that C-Suite & HR Leaders rely on to offer more efficient and less expensive ways to obtain their healthcare insurance. We’ll strive to reduce the cost of your premiums 10-20% without cutting benefits.

HOW We DO IT: We help you see your health benefits as an opportunity, not a burden. We restore transparency and control to an expense that always seems to cost more while providing less.

WHY IT MATTERS: Healthcare represents one of the most substantial expenses a company undertakes each year, and it directly affects profitability and employee satisfaction. It is one of the few areas where business leaders can gain control of an ever-growing expense.

WHY YOU SHOULD CALL ME: Insight Insurance Services can help you get free from the spiraling costs and headaches that come from dealing with mega-insurance providers. If you are a small business leader (15-250 employees), we should definitely talk about how to improve your healthcare plan. Insight Insurance Services has two decades of experience helping employers reduce their healthcare spending. Our advice has even resulted in clients receiving a refund check from their insurance company; one client received $85,000, and another received $6000. There is a better way to provide benefits to your employees!

Connect with me: 615-636-1105