Moving is in his blood – Don Watson

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Join us each month as we learn the “WHY” stories of successful business professionals.

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This month my good friend Don Watson tells his story of the family business and his thoughts on doing the right things.

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Our team at On the Move has become one of the most trusted moving and storage companies in the Middle Tennessee area. We have moved thousands of people from simple moves across the city to long distance moves across the country. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of service possible in a reliable, professional, and honest manner. We accomplish this by hiring experienced, full time workers rather than day laborers.

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A Boutique Audio Agency that creates, produces & mixes custom audio content for Artists, Brands & Agencies.

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WHAT TO DO - Business Networking Guide

Tip for our eBook: Bring business cards and keep extra in the car. Attending a networking event without business cards is like showing up at a church fellowship meal without a dish. Here are a few recommendations on the use of business cards: Network for one company per event. Otherwise, it diminishes your brand. Don’t just hand out cards to everyone. Unless you are handing out coupons, have a real conversation with someone and use the business card as a tool to keep the conversation going during another meeting. Have one pocket for your business cards to hand out and another pocket to put business cards that you receive. Never hand out damaged business cards or cards that you must write on to update information. Always read the business card you are handed. Never just put it in your pocket. First, it shows respect. Second, it helps you remember who the person is and why you have their card. Ask permission before writing on someone’s card. Their card is a representation of them and you would not just write on their forehead, so ask permission before you write on their card as a sign of respect.