Nashville K9 Founder Ali Hemyari, not your everyday dog trainer – Podcast

You may think you know something about dogs until you hear this. He truly is a  “Solutionist!”

Training is a Journey, Not A Destination

Our team of dog training experts is here to take you to the next level. If you are facing dog behavior issues or just need a more compliant dog, our elite team of trainers is your solution. As the largest Nashville dog training company, our team has more combined experience than any other trainer in Tennessee. Our techniques are practical, fun, and will impress your neighbors. With a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that we stand behind our training. We will take your pet to levels you never thought possible!

The Lonely Entrepreneur

Why do we struggle when we have passion and great opportunity? Because there is so much you need to know. So where do you turn for answers?

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WHAT TO DO - Business Networking Guide

Tip for our eBook: "Wear a name tag and place it "high and right." A name tag is great for many—if not most—networking events. You can always take it off after arriving if you discover that you do not need to wear one. Your name tag is not a boutonniere, and you are not attending a prom. The name tag should be worn on the right-side lapel of your suit coat or an equivalent area. The reason for this location is so that people can see your name at the same time they shake your hand.what"