Networking Minute – Coffee Meetings

In this Networking Minute video we chat about the three steps to preparing and conducting your next networking coffee meeting.

Three tips for a networking coffee meeting:

  • People like to talk about themselves, so give them at opportunity. Ask open ended questions about who they are and what they do. I like to find out three different things about my business colleague.
    1. What do they do for a professionally? This information is a base line of what do the do, how could that interact with what I do and how could we work together.
    2. What do they to make themselves different from others in the market? In other words, what makes them special, why should their clients work with them above others. What is their unique proposition?
    3. What is an interesting fact about them? I’m looking for a story that I can share with others when I introduce them.

I call this the power of three. Here is an example of how this may sound:

You should meet my friend Dave Ford, the president of Bottom Line Consortium. They do software licensing audits. (what they do professionally) They only make money when their clients save money (Their unique proposition) Plus he used to fly Navy Jets off the USS Midway back in the day. (An interesting fact)

Play our Networking Minute – Three Rules of a Coffee meeting

  • Bring a One-pager to the first networking meeting with a new colleague. Everyone learns in differ manors. If your new business colleague either learns visually they can see it or if they learn kinetically then they can take note on the one-pager. Keep the one-pager simple and not too wordy. People will not read it if you include too much information. Present you information in bullet form and do not use industry jargon or abbreviations. Also, list two or three projects/clients so you can tell the story of how your served them.
  • People like being asked to help. Therefore, before your coffee meeting you should review your business colleague’s LinkedIn connections. Find two or three that could help your business and ask for an introduction if the meeting has gone well. Your colleague may not remember being connect to the person that you have ask to be introduce, but this gives you an opportunity to best describe your buyer persona. Here is an example of how you may ask for the introduction.

“I hope it’s okay, but I checked your LinkedIn connections and found a couple of people that I’d love to meet. You may not remember these people, but this will give you a great idea of who I’m looking to meet and how I can help them.”

Try using these three tips during your next networking coffee and see how they work for you. Remember that you should never attend an event without a plan.

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