Networking Minute – Elevator Pitch Formula

In this Networking Minute video we chat about the five parts of a basic elevator pitch.

Here are the five parts of a basic elevator pitch

  • The first part is very simple. Just state your name. “I’m (insert name here)”
  • The second part is just as easy and I messed it up in the video. State your company. “My company is (insert company name here).” You want to state it in this manor even if you are not the owner. Using this wording implies authority and ownership.
  • Next, we have the “what do you do section”. Keep this to one sentence and do not use industry jargon. Remember you want to earn a follow-up meeting, not education others on everything you do. That comes later. A good example is “We (insert a one sentence what statement)
  • Fourth we tell who we serve. This helps quality the audience or helps them think of who they should introduce you to. This section can be tacked onto the “what” section by just adding the word “for.”
  • Finally, the “why is it important” People need to know that you help your clients solve a problem/pain.  

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