Networking Minute from the C|SUITE – Prepare like a professional.

In this Networking Minute video we chat about preparing for your next networking event.

Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Know what kind of event you are attending. The type of event dictates many of your decisions that are part of your checklist, such as attire and marketing material. These events can range from a Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting to an Executive Formal Dinner. All of them have different needs. Below, I address most of the items that you should be prepared for.
  • Dress just about how you think everyone else will be dressed. You want to stand out, without being too obvious. Your dress is your personal brand and needs to represent what you want people to think about you and your company. Make sure that whatever you wear is properly tailored. If you attend a business event and your appearance is shabby, it is a reflection on the type of work you and your company will perform for your customers.
  • Shine your shoes. Often people judge your service of customers by how you take care of the details like shining shoes. It is like being well put together in your attire, but even more so. The shoes are a big part of the way people measure you; do not ignore them.

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