I have two stories to share about working together. 

First, when my twins were just toddlers I found them pushing a heavy kitchen chair across the room to the counter and started to climb up to play.  After getting them down and laughing very hard. I was amazed at what they had accomplished together.  A feat that neither could have done on the own, but by working together they had achieved much.

The other is from many years earlier when I was very young. My family and I lived in Memphis, TN.  One day we went to a seafood restaurant where being just a kid, I was amazed by the lobster tank.  My father pointed out the there was not a lid on the tank.

“Have you ever considered why?” he asked. 

He went on to explain that there was no need. When one lobster was almost out of the tank, then the others would pull it down.  The other lobsters were constantly pulling and pushing the individual lobster from getting out. 

Dad pointed out that often people act like the lobsters in the tank. They are always pulling each other down.  Whenever anyone seems to grow and getting ahead, then the rest of us will be envious and criticize the individual.  We always seem to be more interested in what negative things we find out about each other.

Note to self: don’t be a lobster. It would be better to be more like my little twins and work together as a team that like the tank of lobsters just pulling each other down.

Webster’s defines teamwork as work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.  So the daily decision for each of us is, do we want to be a lobster or do you want to be a team player?

Speaking of teamwork.

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