Taking the High Road with Sharon Kendrew

Find out what taking the High Road mean to our friend, Sharon Kendrew.

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What does taking the High Road mean? After chatting with Sharon Kendrew you will understand it is the "why" behind everything that her company does. Here is "what" they do: High Road specializes in Domestic Freight Solutions - across the state or across the country, services include LTL, expedited ground, air shipments and full truckloads Trade Show Logistics - a known expert in the trade show industry, we provide time-sensitive transportation solutions to every convention center and hotel throughout the US. Services include paperwork preparation, show research, targeted pickup and delivery, storage/warehousing. Live Events - High Road provides a full-service turnkey solution for live events, including warehousing, product management, transportation, set up and tear down and online product management. Concert Logistics - nationwide transportation for concerts - from small intimate events to stadium tours, High Road provides small package shipping, partial load, and full truckload solutions. Retail and Point of Purchase - From same-day nationwide rollouts to new product distributions, High Road specializes in shipping to and from movie theaters, retail stores, shopping malls, and restaurants... anywhere you have a product to display and sell. Their "how" is "You have bigger things to focus on than how to get this to there and that to here. You have freight. We get it.."

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