The Human Fly

During the summer of 1925 a young man wondered into the town square of Murfreesboro, TN.  This was a time when young men would travel about the country and conduct amazing feats so they could earn money. This young man only identified himself as “The Human Fly.” He told the merchants on the square that he could attract a crowd by climbing to the top of the Courthouse. All they had to do was to raise $50.00. 

However, after working all day to raise the money, they could only pay $13.50. He decided to climb anyway. With the Murfreesboro Fire Department supplying the light with their spotlights. Wedging himself between the columns the Human Fly made his way up to the top of the Courthouse! As he reaching for the historic copula. Tragically he slipped and fell to the roof below and then to the ground below. Killing him instantly.

The merchants placed the body of the young man known as the Human Fly in a store front window so that the shoppers could pass by to see if might recognized him.  The newspapers picked up the story. His family read the story, recognized him, came to Murfreesboro to claim their son. They then took him home by train.

A few points to remember. First, like most southern stories this is about 70% true (remember that most percentages are made up on the spot.) Second, southern stories have lessons to teach. The moral of this story is stick to your pricing, it may save your life. 

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