Three Networking Mistakes

I attended a morning chamber of commerce business-networking event and noticed three professional mistakes that the attendees were making.

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The first thing I noticed was that many people stayed within their own friend groups. Walking into the event and visiting with the same people every time.  They missed the entire point of a networking event. It is not a reunion, but an opportunity to meet new people to expand your professional network.

The second thing I noticed was that many people attended the event just to drink and eat. There are places that you can go to eat and drink called restaurants.That is theirpurpose, the purpose of a business-networking event is to work.

The most critical mistake I noticed was that most people that did try to“network” had it confused with passing out and collecting business cards. They were running around handing out business cards so that the recipients could throw them award latter. Why would they throw away thebusiness card? Because there was no attempt to establish a connection.

Before you attend the business-networking event, there is some prep work that must be done.  Similar to a sales call, a professional does not just show up without a plan. The goal is to meet new people, to increase your professional network and personal brand. It is not to sell at the event.

There are things that you can do to help yourself get ready and maximize your investment in time.

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Good luck!