Three Step Process For Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

The number one rule is having influence is to be present

You must consistently make time for LinkedIn. You cannot just expect success in generating leads with LinkedIn, if you don’t work LinkedIn daily.

LinkedIn is the same as attending a very large networking event. Its noisy, full of people you don’t know and difficult to get noticed. The same goals apply to LinkedIn as they do to any other networking event.

  • Meeting someone new.
    • Liking and committing only your friend’s post is the same as setting with the same people at a Chamber event.
  • Hold a relevant conversation.
    • Liking and forwarding other people’s post without a relevant commit is the same as not speaking to anyone a networking event.
  • Earn a follow-up meeting.
    • If you don’t ask for new connections, you don’t grow your professional network.

Now that we know what are goals are, what is the process of generating leads? How do we go about finding that prospect that will raise their hand and say, “let’s chat.”

  • WHO – Before we start fishing, we should know what fish we want to catch. (if you’ll forgive the fishing analogy) Here is are the steps for narrowing your search to find your buyer person
  • What – Now that you know who you want to find and how to search for them. What do you say when you reach out?
    • There are three tips to remember with writing that connections request.
      • People do like to read, so do not write your company manifesto.  
      • More information you give, the more reasons you give for the other person to say no.
      • Leverage other connects you have with your prospect.
    • What should be in the connection request? Your connection request is almost like your elevator pitch.
      • Your name and how you are connected
      • Your defining state (think of this as your personal tagline)
      • Why should they connect with you?
  • Where – The next step is where you go to find your new connections.
    • The first place most people go within LinkedIn would be in their second connections. The second connect means that they are relate to someone that you have a first connection. Therefore, you can leverage that existing relationship by asking your friend to connect you with their friend.
    • Perhaps my favorite is within the connection of my next coffee meeting. 
    • Other areas that you can find common ground are LinkedIn groups and schools. Simply search for people within the group or the school that you attended. Your wording may change slightly on your connection request.

The process is simple. Know who you are looking to find, what to say when you find them and where to look. Like more simple processes, the application is not, but success can be found by consistently working the process each day.

Thom Coats

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