What does “Start with WHY” mean?

Maybe one of the most famous Ted Talk was given by the bestselling author Simon Sinek. He explains the concept of “Start with Why.” According to Sinek a business has a golden circle that has three parts.

What does the company do?

How does the company do it?

Why is it important?

The thought is that when a company think about the importance (WHY) first before they think about the (how) and (what). I agree that understanding the importance of a product or a service is critical to when you go to market and explain your “what you do” and the “how.”

The one think that I would change and encourage you to include when you “Start with Why” is to understand that WHY is an acronym.    It stands for Will Help You (WHY). Therefore, when a professional begins to explain their WHY story, the referral partners or prospects need to hear that the professional will help them in their WHY story. For example, if a professional named Pat tells his WHY story his prospect hears that “Pat will help you.”

When the other professional or prospect understands that they are part of your story then they will be more likely to do business with you. If they are not part of the story, then why should they join in?

Start with WHY.

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