What is Disruptive Networking

Disruptive networking is much more than passing out business cards or attending events.  It is when professionals development from an everyday Networker, into a being a true Connector.

As a professional grows they understand that networking is a  process and that process will be a well defined plan of action.

For example, while attending an event they often  will do these three things

  1. Before every event, they will research the venue, attendees, and purpose of the event. 
  2. A professional will have a plan and then execute that plan: when to arrive, who to speak to, where to stand, what to wear, etc. 
  3. Next, they will execute, execute, and execute. 

In addiction to following a clear process they also understand and achieve the three goals of attending a networking event.

The three goals are:

  1. Meet someone new
  2. Hold a relevant conversation
  3. Earn a follow-up meeting

You must be a Networker in order to become Connector, while Networking is having a plan and following the plan of action; a Connector follows guidelines:

  • Listen more than you speak
  • Help others succeed
  • To have influence, you must be present
  • Laughing is better than crying.

Connecting is understanding the why behind the plan and perhaps the best way to understand this is by reading the book “Go-Giver.” The authors explain the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.

In summary, disruptive networking is done my Connectors following the three goals of attending a networking event with a “Go-Giver” attitude.