Why pay for business networking and not attend?

Have you joined a networking group and paid for an entire year, then get busy with work and miss several months?  

After years of joining other professional networking organizations, I have a different idea.

First, let me tell you about the format we use at C-SUITE.

It’s an Executive Breakfast the starts at 8:00 and for the half hour you should grab your breakfast and meet new people!

At 8:30 you have an assigned table of four or five other professionals.

Round One. Each person stands and tells the entire group of 40 plus profession who they are and what they do.

Round Two.  Each person has six minutes to tell the other professionals at their table why they do what they do. What makes them special.

The event ends at 9:45.

It is important to know that I invited everyone in the room or someone I respect recommended them. We do not have speakers because I believe that each person should have time to share their message.

Second, before we go any further, can we all agree that there are three things that must happen before we can declare it a successful networking event.

  1. You must meet new people. It’s called networking, not catching up. With C-SUITE, there are always new people in the room.
  2. You must be able to hold a conversation with other professionals. Round two of C-SITE of the executive breakfast, fulfills this requirement.
  3. You must earn a follow-up meeting with other professionals from the event. After each breakfast, I send a list of all the attendee that has been divided into small groups of three. The three members of the small group should have a follow-up meeting and that satisfies the third requirement of a good networking event.

Here’s my idea! How about instead of paying up front you just pay-as-you-go? My idea is Networking As A Service (NAAS) I believe that with today’s fast pass business environment, that the traditional process is the method of networking groups is obsolete.

Today’s business professional does not have the time to pay and hope that the group they join works out. With the format of C-SUITE, you can plug yourself into the group when it works for you. With one fee you get two meetings and an opportunity for a third. (more about that in another post)

The conclusion is… rather than paying $1,000 or more up front you just pay $40.00 each month you attend the Executive Breakfast.

N.A.A.S.     Are you ready for the C-SUITE!? Let me know if you would like to learn more about the C-SUITE.

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