Work Your Wellness

I recently read an article on five tips for a healthy business lifestyle and I realized that I am not doing a very good job at it.

Here are their tips and my score:

  1. Make exercise part of your daily routine – FAIL – I have gotten out of the habit.
  2. Eat healthily -FAIL – How do you do that and still make your next appointment?
  3. Unplug from business -FAIL- I have never been able to accomplish this.
  4. Find a routine and stick to it – SUCCESS- Finally I have one thing that I do, It is great to hear that being a creature of habit is good.
  5. Learn to manage stress -SUCCESS- I learned a long time ago to deal with what I can control and leave the rest to prayer.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that 2 out of 5 is a very good score. That is why our May sponsors have teamed up to host an afternoon reception each of the summer months beginning with June.

There will be time for fun and fellowship, plus time to… Redefining Wellness for the Working Professional

Here is their goal:

From desk jobs to careers where you work with your hands, every business professional can benefit from a different approach to wellness. When an employee improves their physical health, their mental health also improves. With the stresses of serious health issues out of sight and out of mind, people have an easier time focusing on their careers and the future.

Click here to join us for a 4-part Summer Series that specifically isolates what wellness can look like for the working professional.